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Krosmaster and Super Dungeon Expore 3D board Project!!!


Descent II and associated Expansions

Aeronautica Imperialis


Battlefleet Gothic

Mythic battles
Joan of Arc

LV427 room tile system

Heroes of Black Reach 3D project!

Aliens Collection!


Castle Ravenloft boardgame. Brilliant thinned down version of the classic DnD system. Lots of fun and while some of the sculpts aint exactly the best I have seen there are some gems amongst them!

The Third offering in this range is the Legend of Drizzt, yet more villians, heroes and Errtu Balor himself!!!!

The second offering in this range following hot on the heels of Castle Ravenloft is 'Wrath of Ashardalon' some really funky minis in here...really enjoyed painting them...awaiting the next release!













Relic main box figure Busts. Outstanding 40k version of Talisman and great figures to boot!



Mansions of Madness including the various expansion packs

Mansions V2 monsters done



Earth Reborn, WOW what a game! Think 'X-com' on a board!

Flying Frogs 'Invasion from Outer Space' Slick, funny, easy to play, everything you want from a board game!

Another of Flying Frogs offerings, 'Last night on Earth' THE best zombie bash game out there bar none!


Just a bit of fun, enjoyed painting the retro martians so decided to add a little bling for the Martian player in the form of a couple of shiny UFO kits!

However after chuckling at the art work on the side of the box I simply had to re-create it in a physical form :)

City of Thieves, another fantastic offering from dust games (through fantasy flight), stab your friends in the backa nd steal all thier gold...doesnt get much funnier than that!

The 5 figures included in 'King of Ashes' City of Thieves expansion, as always some lovely stylish sculpts. The Cyclops is excellent!

Some smashing miniatures in this one


Gears of War from fantasy flight. Wow what a game and hard to win..a great challenge for 1 or more players! Unique game mechanics and nice miniatures/artwork capture the GoW atmosphere perfectly



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