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Sails of Glory by Ares Games

Sea battles on the Napoleonic period!

stay tuned, lots to add...as I make it!



The basic game comes with some pretty boring flat cardboard tokens to represent islands.

Unlike Richard Branson I can't afford to buy my own Island...so I made some!



Various sizes usuable in a variety of scenario situations

Right - small set to represent sand bars





Left - Treacherous rocks responsible for sending many sailors to Davy Jones!

Right - Islands with a little more vegitation and some lovely beaches, grab the deckchair!

The larger Islands

Left - Inhabited Island, great to use as a HQ

Middle - Pincer rocks lighthouse station

Right - Harbour Island, created to slot neatly into a corner of the board, good for a starting position or point of interest in scenario play

Started work on 'fort 1'!


And 'fort 2'!!!

Two of the 3 planned forts all painted up and looking pretty!



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