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Who would have thought killing the undead could be so much fun!

Miniatures from season 1, 2 and now 3!

Let's not forget Black Plague!!!

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The Original retail box contents


Season 2 dog companions, Zombie dogs and first handful of heroes/Zombivors finished!



Final batch of second season heroes wave 1 finished including zombivor versions of the original survivor characters! Roll on the last 16 'not' celebrities coming in wave 2!

Toxics, Berserkers and a few season 2 alt sculpts all done!


That's all the season 2 zombies painted!


Zpocalypse barricade set all finished!

Started painting up the final wave of Zombicide Heroes, some famous faces in there!

That's it! The last of the heroes painted for Zombicide season two. Time for a rest :)

Season 3 companions, crows and VIP Zombies!

Started painting up a few skinners!


Core heroes finished


Black Plague Stuff!

Fatties, Runners and Necro finished

That's the core box all done and dusted! Only just noticed the diagram on these pictures showing how all the figures fit into the box...I have wasted days trying to work it out...DOH!

Deadeye unit finished, you know, because if normal zombies aint irritating enough...give 'em a bow!

Critchlow hero pack done


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