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Halo Fleet Battles

Armada not for you? Then try this fantastic alternative!

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The covenant fleet core box set...roll on the expansions!


UNSC core fleet


New Command Station upgrade for the space station! Suitabel for most systems!

Was never a fan of those crappy little card tokens so I created my own fighter markers!

Let's not forget the advanced fighters and boarding craft!

The new CAS & Punics painted, very nice and BIG they are too!

Decided to create some 'ring wreckage' scenery!

First set of Halo busts finished, onto the covvy's now!

All done!

UNSC Orions ready for duty!


Covenant Heavy Cruisers join the battle!

UNSC Heavy Cruisers and Cov Destroyers finished!

Macs & Halberds finished

Covenant Support ships and ADP done!


Dark horse replica Pillar of Autumn and Spirit of Fire repaints!


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