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Star Wars Armada

X-wing not epic enough for you?

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The Fleets.....so far!

2 x core set all re-painted!





Close up showing Rebel fleet so far






My custom made replacements for the boring card tokens in Armada!

Available from combatzone-scenery

My custom made space station with accessory pack, once again available from Combatzone-scenery

Armada wave 1 Rebel reinforcements painted and ready for battle!

Wave 1 Imperial fleet repainted!

QX style base! Will come with the funky little container barge too!


Armada Asteroid base. Will include the two little weaponised asteroids too!


Created a destroyed version of the QX style platform as well as a scum variant painted asteroid base....all set for wave 2!

Decided to modify one of my destroyers so the foils were deployed...looks pretty cool!

New Command Station upgrade for the space station! Suitabel for most systems!


How about some Uglies! Really enjoyed putting these little fellas together :) Roll on wave 2!

That's wave 2 painted, the ISD is a real bruiser in game too!

Some of the villians gathering around our space station and Asteroid base and chompy nearly get a snack!

New Jungle planet

To compliment my other Desert and Ice themes planets :)

New space station, 25cm diameter!

Wave 4 Armada quick repaints

New Asteroid sandbox style DIY sets, build 'em as you please! The only limit is your imagination!

More builds this time using the two new booster packs!

My interpretation of a fighter base, outpost and repair facility maybe?

Yet more builds using the Sandbox system. Let's imagine this to be a container yard and some sort of power/communications relay?

This time a huge colony station!

That's wave 5 repainted and brought up to par, some very nice minis in this wave!


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