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Alien v Predator:The hunt begins!

Game over man...GAME OVER!



Colonial Marines and Power Loader

Added the cables myself they are not part of the kit



Decided to create a set piece of one of the iconic scenes from Aliens! Its designed to sit on a large room tile, the Queen simply parks her bum up against it and when those pesky marines or Preds disturb her she can 'break free' and chase 'em down the corridors!

Kharusan APC, looks cracking with the Avp stuff...ROLL OUT MARINES!

Prodos Dropship assembled and ready for some colour!

In the pipe 5 by 5! Dropship all done!


Dropship '02' reporting for duty! Added some removable airbrakes on both dropships along with the additional vectored thrust vents. Dropship '02' was fully magnatised also allowing for gear down/up options. I used a camera tripod as an adjustable mount which works brilliantly!!



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