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GKR Heavy Hitters

Bloody fantastic game full of Giant Killer Robots smashing the snot out of each other!

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Mercenary Mechs and Big Little buddy

Two new factions painted up to allow 6 player mayhem. I pulled the recon, repair and combat support units from various places, they are a mixture of 3d prints and scratch building :)

Of course now those new factions were painted to a better standard I simply couldnt leave the original core box in it's Chinese mass produced chic so gave them all a tickle over with the airbrush and trusty old hairy stick. The core Heavy Hitters are not that bad to work with tbh but the support units were simply single colour plastic figures. Came out well though!

The other two core box clans

Those funky plastic buildings had a little lick of paint too and the graffiti and advertising banners were so much fun to apply, really breathes some life into them!

All six clans, support units and merc bots fit snuggly into a 2 layer pick n pluck KR case...smashing..or not as the case may be :)

I have created some replacement 3D tokens for those flat card ones in the box! They can be purchased from Combatzone Scenery.co.uk

Bunch of custom buildings printed and painted from some very talented and generous people out there on thingiverse!



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