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LV427 scifi modular room system

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This is a bunker layout using the FFG Starwars Legion Bunker as an entrance and the conversion room which allows it to be connected to the LV427 rooms

Generator room, prison cell and command room!

Another layout using the circular meeting room, small holding cells, cryo chambers, morgue and several smaller rooms!

Close up of the cryo chambers and holding cell

Yet another different layout, I'm having fun here! large cargo bay, morgue, airlock, assault pod, weapons locker and several other room sections to boot!


Cheyenne is the Prodos model, the Jordan tractor, Surface seeker and service bots are from several other sources, I had to fettle them a little to make them printable but turned out nice!

LV427 tower system, taking your games to another level...literally!

Few more additional rooms to expand the tower system. cross section and lift tiles!

Great for many scifi systems!

The lift can be moved from level to level and the cage door can be removed, nice touch!

Medical Emergency!

Outpost 427!

Another bug hunt! Large Reactor from LV427 all done, absolutely epic piece of scenery this, looks really nice!

Another project to design a 'Queens Chamber' set piece for my games which incorperates nicely into the LV427 room system


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