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Star Wars Legion

finally feet on the ground!

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A small Rebel force attempts to hold the front line against overwhelming Imperial forces!




Playing around witha few smaller buildings



Another play with the sand, the village grows!

Imperial forces from two core sets painted! also pictures is a 3D printed Imperial Shuttle, Tie crawler and several walkers from Imperial Assault

3D printed Shuttle, not as big as it should be but perfect gaming scale IMO :)

The 'Grumpy Tyke' pulls into space port to a hostile Imperial reception. maybe we shouldn't have palmed those dodgy dvd players onto Vader last visit!

Rebels call in air support on a secret Imperial research facility!

I have created a 'desert dragon' makes a cool bit of scenery on the tabletop! can be purchased over at combatzone-scenery.co.uk

Rebel forces, core and 1st wave all done!

Rebels prep a Y-wing for a bombing run on an Imperial Cheese factory!

Printed and a little post print detail added by hand before painting :)

Quick repaints of some hasbro Disney Rogue one X-wings and Revel 1/53 scale Tie Fighters provide some fun air support for Legion and maybe a scaled up game of X-wing in the back garden!

B-wing is prepped for launch!! 3D print scaled to legion'ish size and a little post print detail added by hand

Tie Defender, one of my favourite Tie variants, sized up to legion'ish scale. 3d print!

Palpatine visits Rando's market in search of Jedi and a comfy pair of slippers!

Market buildings from Imperial Terrain, I added a little Duck canvas and created some cute little market stalls to add a little life, these are available from our website combatzone scenery along with a huge selection of other legion scenery

Tie Royal Guard and XG1 Gunboat join the Imperial fleet!

This is my smaller version of the Tie Reaper, let's call it the Tie Sabre!

Created from a printed body with post detail added by hand and the wings from the Tie Striker toy. Excellent for dropping those Imperial Special Forces right where they are needed!

Imperial forces attack a Rebel PDL outpost! PDL (planet Defense lasers) and power generators are are available from our store Combatzone scenery. the trenches are also available, they are actually from our 15mm WW2 tank range but work pretty well for Legion we think!!

Special forces drop in to finish off the job! Created some destroyed generator models because after all your hard work a little cardboard token saying 'destroyed' just isnt going to cut it I say! Available from our store Combatzone scenery

Special forces and general Veers ready for action!


Leia and fleet troopers secure the Grumpy Tyke!

The mighty K-wing! scaled and printed to legion'ish scale!

Castable versions of Imperial Terrain buildings and ruins (with kind permission) handy if you dont own a printer or like all that post print processing. Also we have created a few interior sets just for fun! All available from our store Combatzone scenery!

ARC-170! The predeccesor to the legendary X-Wing. love those classic lines, real sexy looking ship!

Another 3D printed model here, scaled up to Legionish scale and needing quite a lot of post print detail and attention to get it looking good

AT-DP printed at Legionish scale, little post print detail added by hand and it makes for quite an impressive piece on the tabletop. Shown next to the FFG model for scale

Behemoth Wreck!

Sick of all that sand between my toes started to move onto a more relaxing Forest Moon setting, started with some cool scatter scenery to fight amongst!

All available from our website Combatzone-scenery.co.uk


More Forest Moon scenery! Circular ruin and forest barricades! Again all available from our online store Combatzone-scenery.co.uk

ETA-2 Jedi Interceptors, 3D printed and scaled up to slightly bigger than LEgion scale as at trtue scale of 120mm they looked ridiculously tiny!!!

A couple of T-16's persue a Tie Bomber! Scaled up and printed models ;)

Printed and scaled to Legion Tie Bomber!

More prints!

T-70 Xwing and a couple of A-wings are prepped for assault at a hidden rebel hanger (hanger is from Imperial terrain) all the other greebles and bits are available from Combatzone-scenery.co.uk

X1 Tie advanced, a classic profile! Taken up to Legion scale, printed and a little post print detail added by hand

Team Ghost stop off to take in some supplies and do a little shopping!

Scaled up to Legion'ish scale (within reason and a good table size as the true scale is stupidly large)!

printed in about 20 different blocks, re-assembled and some post print detail added. 64cm long and 55cm wide!

Fett n Scouts!

Prepping for the release of the clone stuff next year! printed Gunship!

Gambody AT-AT all printed built and painted and ready for some action!

Scratched together a little extra cockpit detail

Created some more scatter scenery in the shape of scrap piles!

All available from the website at www.combatzone-scenery.co.uk

HWK-290 'Mouldy Crow'!


Mk88 Tower and fortifications from Imperial Terrain. I put together a loading tower too, troopers were getting tired of crawling up the legs!!

Web Blaster and laser done. I decided to mount them seperately as I intend to use them in RPG games too and you never know when you need to deploy in a YT-1300 corridor or cover a Wookie on a losing streak!

Emperor and his Royal Guard and Ewoks and Wookies!!

AT-AP done! Clone era armour getting serious now!!

AT-M6 standing over 600mm high!

Ewok village!

Imperial convoy winds it's way through the Endorian forest

Printed Tie Silencer

Legion ops all painted

Sandtrooper miniatures from Alterative gaming miniatures, scenery from combatzone scenery

3D printed raven's Claw, 55cm long!!

Two more printed Ties enter the fleet, Seeker and Striker!

After buying his new ship 'Slave 2' Fett is hit by a wave of nostalgia and decides to visit old haunts!

MandalMotors Pursuer Class Enforcement Ship printed at legion scale...60cm long!!

Fett attracts some unwanted attention when he drops by a local scrap yard to pick up a Hyperdrive link for his new ship Slave III! Ship printed, Jawas from Alternative Gmaing Miniatures and scenery from Combatzone Scenery

Pathfinders and Deathtroopers

Razor Crest from the upcoming series 'The Mandalorian' very few ref pics so I just winged it and made it look cool ;)

Imperial TX-225 GAVw 'Occupier' combat assault tank all done, decided to up-armour it...Soviet style!

Weaponised rebel Speeder

Filled out the Gunship a little with more passengers and some speeder bikes!

Bossk's ship the Hound's Tooth WIP


Hound's Tooth all done!


Bossk negotiates for spare parts, better keep a close eye on the ship though!

IG-88 gets a shiny new ship! say hello to the IG-2000!


IG-88 and fett discuss terms of joining the Hunter's Guild

Mandalorian strike squad!

Little more Rebel reinforcements reporting for duty!

Dewbacks and Shore Troopers enter the battle

The Imperials bring more heavy armour to the battlefield in the shape of the TX-130 Sabre!

Rogue one WIP, post print detail added and primed for painting!

Rogue One all finished! Rogue team mainly made up of Skullforge miniatures

Scaled this print up from an Xwing model, been gathering dust for ages so decided to throw a little paint on it. turned out nice!

First order AAL

Ben in his Lizard fettlin' days before becoming a Novelty doormat for Vader's second Death Star!
Stl available from Order66 designs

Galactic Terrains fantastic set of stl's! prints and paints up pretty nice!!!

Wunn-to the notorious Ewok Bounty hunter proves his worth as he applies for the hunters guild!
Ship stl's from Dragon's rest, fantastic build with lots of detail!

Printed the Gambody Razor Crest out ages ago and finally got round to throwing some paint at it! added fibre optic cockpit lights, pulsing engines and interior lighting. Also added a little extra detail such as the more accurate landing gear and reverse brake thruster panels

Printed from the darkfire stl's added some mood lighting and slightly modified so the rear could be removed to see all that glorious detail!

X-Wing and Y-Wing printed from darkfire STL's in resin on my Saturn printer. came out nice!


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