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Batman - The Miniature Game

Here comes the caped crusader!



Thought I would start with a few funky vehicles because what's Batman without his Gadgets!

Knight Models batmobile, hotwheels tumbler and I picked up the batplane dirt cheap as there were no pods attached. Quick bit of plastic card magic and voila..nice scale batplane! Time to paint!



That's Batman and his toys all done!


Riddler & crew, Robin and Deathstroke!

Freeze, Catwoman and Firefly

And for the good guys GCPD's finest!

Bane & crew ready to hunt Batman down!

Penguin and crew about to cause mayhem on the streets of Gotham..

Prisoners, Hugo & some of his 'projects'!

Killer Croc & Solomon Grundy

Militia thugs, Azreal & Arkham Knight

Harlequin & Crew along with an alusive Militia Brute I found hiding at the bottom of the box, he is back paitned and back with his Militia buddies!

Clayface, Arrow & Nightwing

Couple of cheap toys repainted and added to the batcave! Also finished off the b lackgate prisoners crew so they are now up to full strength along with Sickle to bring Penguins crew up to fighting weight. Hammer painted also which means I finally started on my final (for now) Joker crew!

Joker and crew ready to hit the streets!



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