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15mm armoured fun!



Started work on the Allied Armour. Various versions of the Sherman here

made my own tokens for Tanks, including some cool explosion and smoke markers. The smaller flame/smoke plumes make good markers for optics or engine damage and the track token for damaged tracks. Tokens available from our webstore combatzone-scenery.co.uk

More Axis tanks and a couple of Allied Tank destroyers added!

Nearly there with the Axis armour now!

Finally up to date with the Axis and Allied stuff, the Puma model is a wonderful little thing that comes with all the variants in the pack! Now onward to scenery and Soviet Armour!

Not strictly historically accurate as theya re 1/76 and hold two tanks but I wanted them to be more game friendly and give the allies ta chance to break through and not end up littering the beach with burning Sherman wrecks!

That's the Soviet armour ready to roll!


Put together some trucks and tanks for convoy and objective play :)

Chibi tanks...so cute!

New objective and obstacle tiles created includes bunkers, downed Allied Aircraft, Dragon's teeth, mine rollers, mine fields and fuel & ammo dumps!


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