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3D printed Projects

A varied mix and the weird and wonderful!

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Hellboy Tooth fairy. 20cm tall



Mr Gutsy from Fallout 18 inches tall!







Sulaco from Aliens 40cm


Rodger Young Starship Troopers 50cm

Imperial Shuttle


HWK-290 'Moldy Crow' printed and painted! added a few post print details by hand as this was scaled up from an X-wing scale model so pretty plain in areas!

Tie Walker scaled to around Legion scale'ish

Hellboy Good Samaritan with speedloader and fancypants base

Hellboy BIG Baby! I installed a clockwork soundbox in the rbeach so with a wind of the key it also plays Brahm's Lullaby just like the movie prop! :)

Rebels prep a Y-wing for a bombing run on an Imperial Cheese factory!

Printed and a little post print detail added by hand before painting :)

Scaled up by 260% from an Xwing model

Mal's gun, a little loose change and a Pretty Floral bonnet! (Firefly for the Heathens amongst us who do not get the reference)!

Vera to follow!

My smaller version of the Tie Reaper which I have named the Tie Sabre!

XG1 Missile Gunboat and Tie Royal Interceptor

Tie Defender one of my favourite looking Tie variants!


K-wing, scaled up to Legion'ish scale

ARC-170! The predeccesor to the legendary X-Wing. love those classic lines, real sexy looking ship!

Another 3D printed model here, scaled up to Legionish scale and needing quite a lot of post print detail and attention to get it looking good

AT-DP printed at Legionish scale, little post print detail added by hand and it makes for quite an impressive piece on the tabletop. Shown next to the FFG model for scale


ETA-2 Jedi Interceptors, 3D printed and scaled up to slightly bigger than LEgion scale as at trtue scale of 120mm they looked ridiculously tiny!!!

Delta-7 interceptor too!

A couple of T-16's persue a Tie Bomber! Scaled up and printed models ;)

Printed and scaled to Legion Tie Bomber!

More prints!

T-70 Xwing and a couple of A-wings are prepped for assault at a hidden rebel hanger (hanger is from Imperial terrain) all the other greebles and bits are available from Combatzone-scenery.co.uk

Last Starfighter Gunstar!

Predator shoulder cannon

AT-AT from gambody website

legion (1/50'ish) scale AT-TE!

TX-225 Occupier tank (as seen in Rogue one)

Lots of printed components to make up this legion scale Ewok Village, the straw roofs are created using a 3d pen too!


massive multipart print of the GHOST from Starwars rebels!

Enjoyed this one, Legion scale Clone wars Gunship :)

M56 Smart gun from Aliens

Star Wars AT-M6 in Legion scale, over 600mm high


Firefly Mule as seen in Serenity, print with a little scratch work to bring it up to par

Imperial convoy winds it's way through the Endorian forest

Printed Tie Silencer

3D printed raven's Claw, 55cm long!!

Two more printed Ties enter the fleet, Seeker and Striker!

Decided to print a 3D frontier town for our Brimstone Adventures!

After buying his new ship 'Slave 2' Fett is hit by a wave of nostalgia and decides to visit old haunts!

MandalMotors Pursuer Class Enforcement Ship printed at legion scale...60cm long!!

Slave III!

Razor Crest from the upcoming series 'The Mandalorian' very few ref pics so I just winged it and made it look cool ;)

Fully printed Emperor Titan! A fusion of PLA and resin printing, fun project! Files are available from one of those talented people on thingiverse, just searh for 'Emperor Titan'!


Hound's Tooth done! Legion scale so around 1/50, 60cm long!

IG-88 gets a shiny new ship! say hello to the IG-2000!
Legion scale 40cm long

Rogue One finished. 70cm long and 60cm high!!

Galactic Terrains fantastic set of stl's! prints and paints up pretty nice!!!

Wunn-to the notorious Ewok Bounty hunter proves his worth as he applies for the hunters guild!
Ship stl's from Dragon's rest, fantastic build with lots of detail!

Another project to design and print a 'Queen's Chamber' for the gaming table. created to fit anywhere really but it looks particularly nice in the LV427 large circular infested room! Queen is designed to detatch. contact me if you are interested in a kit!

My project to design and print the EEV (emergency escape vehicle) from the beginning of Aliens 3. correct scale for gaming (28cm length). next up to create a crashed version!
give me a shout of you fancy a kit!

Redesigned the Pred Hunting bike. it is now an easier to assemble kit and includes a rider!!

Predator Escape pod!! I sell these as printed kits. Contact me for details!

Created an exosuit proxy for the marines! size 5 model, 50mm base 75mm tall with correct weapon configurations. supplied as a simple kit, contact me for details :)

Finally got round to recreating my QX scratch build in 3D printed format!includes hanger details (not including x wings) holes for 8x3mm magnets inlcuded so it simply snaps together and can be broken down for storage!
PM me for details of the kit!

3D printed Viking dropship. I added a little extra detail post print inlcuding interior detail...MOVE IT YOU APES!

Printed the Gambody Razor Crest out ages ago and finally got round to throwing some paint at it! added fibre optic cockpit lights, pulsing engines and interior lighting. Also added a little extra detail such as the more accurate landing gear and reverse brake thruster panels

Ever since I started collecting my Trooper army I have wanted the ellusive Slingshot which never went to retail. finally gave up the search and decided to design my own! Designed and printed from the ground up and I think she came out pretty nice! Want to kn ow more? Interested in a kit? drop me an email ;)

After doing the slingshot I couldn't wait to have a go at the Slingshot! Again built from scratch, printed kits available just give me a shout! :)

Never realised there was a fun motion detector app available, then I remembered my old phone in the drawer...only one possible pathway from here! Slightly modified the files and 3d printed myself a 'working' motion detector!!!
Click here to see it in action!

Printed from the darkfire stl's added some mood lighting and slightly modified so the rear could be removed to see all that glorious detail!

X-Wing and Y-Wing printed from darkfire STL's in resin on my Saturn printer. came out nice!

Created this replacement for the 'Another Glorious day in teh Corps' game APC token!
last picture shows it in comparison from lewft to right with the Prodos, gambody and my AGDitC version


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