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3D printed Projects

A varied mix and the weird and wonderful!

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Hellboy Tooth fairy. 20cm tall



Mr Gutsy from Fallout 18 inches tall!







Sulaco from Aliens 40cm


Rodger Young Starship Troopers 50cm

Imperial Shuttle


HWK-290 'Moldy Crow' printed and painted! added a few post print details by hand as this was scaled up from an X-wing scale model so pretty plain in areas!

Tie Walker scaled to around Legion scale'ish

Hellboy Good Samaritan with speedloader and fancypants base

Hellboy BIG Baby! I installed a clockwork soundbox in the rbeach so with a wind of the key it also plays Brahm's Lullaby just like the movie prop! :)

Rebels prep a Y-wing for a bombing run on an Imperial Cheese factory!

Printed and a little post print detail added by hand before painting :)

Scaled up by 260% from an Xwing model

Mal's gun, a little loose change and a Pretty Floral bonnet! (Firefly for the Heathens amongst us who do not get the reference)!

Vera to follow!

My smaller version of the Tie Reaper which I have named the Tie Sabre!

XG1 Missile Gunboat and Tie Royal Interceptor

Tie Defender one of my favourite looking Tie variants!




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