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Lot's of Chibi cuteness to ooooh and ahhhhhh over!


Meng models Sherman


Meng Models Tiger 1


Meng Models KV2


Megn Models King Tiger

T34 & Panzer III added!

Meng Models HE 177 & Tu-2

Tiger models Spitfire and Me109. absolutely fantastic kits and soooo cute!

Don't come with pilots so I used some recasts of my Rivetwars pilots and modeled oxygem masks to WW2 them up a bit :)

two more Tiger models, the F4-U Corsair and the Nakajima KI-84 Hayate

Final two Tiger models from the range, Curtiss P-40 Warhawk and Soviet Lavocgkin LA-7


Egg planes! F16 Falcon, F22 raptor, Su-27 Flanker, Mig 15, A6 Intruder, F4 Phantom and AV-8 Harrier

More to follow!

A whole Squadron of WW2 eggs!

Chibi ships! These are actually all Japanese ships but I have painted the second carrier as a US vessel so we can have some fleet on fleet action!

Meng Models Lancaster & B17

3 more World War Toons tanks enter the Platoon!

Four more Chibi tanks enter the fleet!



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