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Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing

It's attack Wing....with Dragon....DRAGONS MAN...is there anything else more to say!


The Stock 3 dragons from the starter set while being OK for pre-paints were not up to my tabletop standard so out came the airbrush!....


The original stock dragons (back) compared to my quick re-paints

Green Dragon (wave 1) re-painted!

Frost Giant repainted, second picture to show scale in respect to other D&D AW miniatures

Quick tickle over for the Ancient White Dragon

Wave 3 given a tickle over with the hairy stick!

Silver Dragon, Wyvern and Harpy

Op 3 figures repainted!

Wave 4 worked over!

Wave 5 repaints. Red Dracolich, Young Bronze Dragon and Dritzzzzzzz


Bahamut, King of the Good Dragons!

re-painted, this fella is HUGE!

Tiamat, Queens of the Evil Dragons repainted!

Chimera & Hieracosphinx, as you can see the stock versions (first picture) were very poor! Definately needed a little tickle over!

Ossular Ancient Silver Dragon, I also wnet back and painted in the dorsal fin of the adult silcer dragon just to add a little colour

Playing catch up on some previos waves and op prizes.

Adult White dragon, Pegasus, young blue dragon, angel dude and some foot troops

New DDAW stuff and a new Ancient Dragon join the battle!




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