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These are the excellent figures that come with the Descent: Journeys in the dark boardgame.

Click here to see Well of Darkness figures!!!

Click here to see Altar of Despair figures!!!

Click here to see Tomb of Ice figures!!!

Click here for Descent 2nd Edition and expansions!!!

Again, all painted over the space of around 5 days (including the funky bases!) using the speedpainting techniques detailed here

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One of the Boss men! Notice the custom base, a treasure horde befitting a Dragon!


A very nice Demon figure, I sat him on top of a fancy chest, gives him a little more of an imposing pose and really towers over the heroes now!

What adventure would be complete without a big thick lumbering giant uh?

I cant really fault any of the figures which come with Descent they are all fantastic considering the ammount you get and price!

Naga, nice tats!

Razor wings. I mounted these on stones picked up from the back garden, gives them a nice posture as if they are ready to leap out at our brave heroes!

Spiders, spiders everywhere!

Hellhounds, here doggy doggy

Beastmen, the red offsets the skin tones nicely

Skelybobs, again, top marks to the miniature sculptures!

Evil sorcerors, boooo, hissssss

A selection of chests picked up elsewhere, always nice to have 3d props for games like this, I feel it just adds a little fun

Manticore, anyone else thinks he looks like Billy Conelly?

3 of the many adventurers included with the game, secret when speedpainting lots of different miniatures is to group the figures into similar colour groups.

So for instance all the characters wearing mostly red are painted together, etc.

Yet more adventurers!

Gotta love the varied assortment of races you can be in Descent!

I love the middle guy, although the cat thing shitting on a rock aint too hot!

waaaargh orks!

Make nice book ends these two!

And finally the whole family brought together! Can hardly wait for the expansion pack.....


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