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Star Trek Attack Wing and Heroclix

Fantastic fun games that really keep the atmosphere of the genre

I have re-painted all ships shown

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Startrek Fleet Captains...bloody fantastic miniatures and game!









Starfleet Romulan expansion

The beginnings of Star Trek Attack wing, stock ships re-painted and planets made from Xmas baubles cut in half and painted


Picked up some cheap tactics minis and decided to paint them up in a cloaked style, added a little eye candy to the game ;)


K7 Station finished, added a few LED's to bling it up!


Wave 1 re-paints and 2 space stations to jazz up those games!


Attack Wing wave 2 re-paints

Dont like paying the silly prices on ebay so knocked up some versions of the op prizes using scans from the web and re-paints of dirt cheap heroclix ships...jobs a good 'un!

Federation fighter squad. Also decided to paint up the little models I got with the K7 and DS9 station kits, voila, some cute little runabouts and another constitution class starship (right hand is original AW model) on the cheap!

Nor Class Orbital Station, great scale kit, the Attack wings look brilliant 'docked'

The original template slides nicely underneath and the bottom of the station slots into the hole I punched into the card, this allows the card to rotate freely so weapon arms can be moved...pucka!

DS9 was hosting this years Klingon Knit-fest, talk of the show was the floral pattern Bat'leth warmer

Wave 3 ships re-painted!

Equinox, Somraw, 4th Division Battleship and Gal Gath'Thong

Really nice decal on the underside of the Romulan ship so decided to work the re-paint around it!

Have been modding the bases with magnets to allow for cool banking, climbing, etc

The Enterprise attempts to put a planet between itself and two Klingon BoP!

A Klingon Battlecruiser tries to lose its assailants in a dense Asteroid field

Dogfight around the Nor Station!


So easy to do. Using a drill create a bevel cup in the top of the stand. pop a drop of superglue into the 'cup' and drop a ball bearing in there, rough up the contact point on the bearing with a little wet and dry. Leave to dry overnight and then rough up the rest of the ball with wet and dry to make it a little more 'grippy'

Its a simple matter of snipping off the peg and glueing a ring magnet on the bottom of the ship now, the position of the peg is pretty much the sweet spot on most of the ships apart from the Enterprise D which is a little front heavy so glue it as far forward as possible

Looks great on the old school stuff too!

Built a repair dock!

Wave 4 re-painted! Voyager (intrepid class), Borg Sphere, Nistrim Raider and Species 8472

Wave 5 re-painted!

Borg Tactical Cube, Vulcan D'Kyr and Bajoran Interceptors

Decided to light the Borg tactical cube too, for a little extra tabletop bling :)

Gamified Large Borg Cube based around the Eaglemoss collectors cube!

Drilled out a few more holes, built a docking bay (designed to hold the AW sphere) and a total repaint, job done!

Wave 6 repaints, Enterprise A, Borg Soong and Dominion Cruisers


Made some planets and moons for the Trek and Xwing games! These will be inlcuded in the upcoming kickstarter!

Large Desert planet, scans indicate something very familiar Captain!

Large Ice world, remember the prime directive, no interfering!

That's wave 7&8 repainted!

Wave 9 re-painted! Romulan Scimitar, Chang's BoP and Mirror Defiant

Assemble the fleets! All ships to date (December 14) including fleet commander bolstering the forces!

Latest OP ships repainted!

Wave 10 painted! Regent's flagship, Vidiian Cruiser & Hideki Fighters

The Borg fleet inlcuding the new massive Borg Cube!

All lit up of course ;)

Wave 11 & 12 repaints!

Wave 13 repaints

Got hold of some of the assimilated ships but the printed Borg bits would be no good after a repaint of course so decided to break out the green stuff for a more 3d effect ;)

A recent commission

New Command Station upgrade for the space station! Suitabel for most systems!

Some recent commission peices and ships from the last two waves repainted!

Wave something or other painted!

New Trek commission here inlcuding that ace Romulan Stormbird. Also latest AW stuff including a couple of Xindi ships!

Some Xindi stuff and a few more commission ships


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