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River Horse have created some amazing 'miniatures' for this Jaeger v Kaiju stompfest


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Stompy time!

Chem tanks, HQ, Forward ops, Kaiju Bunkers and Urban District!

6 different towers, more planned!

Volcanic vents and Kaiju nests

Tokens, stuff to throw and bash things with!

Ruined Urban area and towers all done and ready for stomping!

Finished an airfield because you always need air support when kaiju are attacking!
created two states of runway, a bombed out and operational version

Wall of life created! modular sections allow a variety of layouts and optional weapon platforms for that additonal comfort zone ;)
Also created a breached section

Power station tiles added to the collection
For a bit of fun i also created some little vtols to carry the Jaegers into battle, an iconic scene from the films that I love!

Jaeger hangers, make brilliant spawn points and objectives!


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