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X-wing from FFG

Fantastic fun games that really keep the atmosphere of the genre

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Pretty much all the scenery shown here can be purchased at:




The Fleet.....so far!

Micro machines Rebel Transport re-painted for X-wing and a couple of pictures of the Rebel fleet so far...




Picked up a cheap Republic Star Destroyer, slapped a little paint on it, extra bit 'o eye candy!

While the Destroyer is waaaaaaaay out of scale it makes a good generic 'large Imperial ship' and adds a little eye candy ;)



Re-paint of Kenner Star destroyer and Blockade runner toys for X-wing. Runner isnt a half bad scale to be honest

Also made some magnetic engine fins to add to the runner to convert it to the 'Sundered Heart'

The Asteroids are simply lava rocks, don't even need to be painted!


Started building a Nebulon B for X-wing. scale it would be around 1.5M which I decided simply was not practical for casual gaming or storing on my already groaning shelves! I decided to scale it down to my other 'big' ships to keep things uniform within the game so this little lady is 50cm long. it breaks down into 3 parts for easy storage (and possible variants) and also includes docking pins on the spar which the smaller ships can attatch to, should make for some fun scenarios!

All finished!


Really don't realise just how bad the out of the box x-wings are until they are put next to a re-paint!

2 squads of x-wings along with A, B and Y wings done!

Space debris done. Tie's and variants all finished

Knocked together a cheap and cheerful Deathstar board!

Shuttles, Slave 1 and a couple of Tie Interceptors repainted. I modded the Interceptors slightly to make them stand out and ping their Ace status. The larger of the two shuttles is the xmas ornament that lights up and plays the Empire March theme, how cool is that!

Falcon, Hawk, Tie Defender and Phantom repainted. added a funky cloaking effect to the Phantom

Asteroid parts out of the mould, ready for assembly! Fleshed out the basic shape of the station based on the old QX platform if people are familiar with the old computer games!

I will start detailing when I get some damn time!

From a Simple block of poly we have an Assault Frigate!

The whole model breaks down for easy storage and transport, it allows me to modifiy it in the future ;)

Now onto the detailing! watch this space...

Started laying down some detail on the Frigate, all fun and excitement until you realise you then have to do it all again on the other side!

Assembled some Debris fields. The 'Roids are removable to allow ship placement. Some standard Asteroids and bases and facilities done too, figured it would be cool to link these and assign the different sections abilities rather like huge ships in the game. Watch out for the space slug...he is HUNGRY!

Now time to get some paint out!

I apologise for the lack of potatoes ;)

Working on some components to compliment Dagobah Daves excellent Trenchrun scenario

That's all the 3D components finished for the Trench run starter set, now to get some painting done!

Detailing pretty much done on the Frigate, time to hit it with the hairy stick now!

Asteroids all painted!

Working on some Tourny legal bases and planets now!

Made some planets and moons for the Trek and Xwing games! These will be inlcuded in the upcoming kickstarter!

A quick comparison shot showing the Frigate next to other ships in the fleet, my scratch built Neb B and the FFG runner and transport. Nothing to true scale of course but I am pleased with the Frigate, it looks chunky enough next to the Neb to look suitably more kick ass :)

That busy I completely forgot I had finished detailing the space station too! LOL

One more on the 'to be painted list'!

Trench set all painted!

Hey look at that strange asteroid over there, lets take a look...

I don't know. I have a bad feeling about this

Don't be silly, my X-wing is bristling with weapons, what could possibly go wrong?



well, at least my little A-wing is more nimble and faster....see yaaaaa!

Mr Chompy! He is all grown up now and very very hungry!

Large Desert planet, the perfect homeworld for scum and villainy!

Why not battle around well known landmarks on this large ice world!

Space station finished!

Thought it appropriate to give Vader his own reserved spot being an Amputee with breathing problems he deserves it!....as do Chewy & Han :P

Space Station TB-01! This will be available soon through combatzone-scenery and will feature lots of modular options so it suits most space game! I will get it painted ASAP :)

How about an asteroid base too? Again WIP but will be available through Combatzone-scenery very soon!


Outrider and Decimator repainted!

I haver also created some 'Uglies' the asteroid base is going to need residents!

Space station painted! Shown in many of it's possible variations.

This will be available through http://combatzone-scenery.co.uk/ in the new year!


Asteroid base painted! Lots of variations available as you can see, pirate version coming soon!

More colourful 'pirate' version!

Sith Infiltrator re-painted. This a a revell kit but is an excellent scale for the game and a kick ass model to boot!

The MkII Assault Frigate....All done!

Bottom pictures show the finished fleet

Started work on some debris fields to diectly replace those cardboard tokens that came with the expansions. I have also finally filled in the gaps and 3-deeeed up the Shuttle, escape pod and satellites :)

More scum and villainy repaints!

Also check out my custom made replacements for the Xwing Senetar shuttle, escape pod and satellites, all available from Combatzone-scenery!

New debris field replacements whicn directly replace those boring card tokens from the outrider and Decimator sets

What's a scum base without huge defensive guns floating on nearby rocks?!

T-42 armoured dumplings, modular weaponised asteroids, all available from, you guessed it, combatzone-scenery

I decided to create a Deathraven to join the Scum fleet, easily created from 2 B-wings

Also made a container barge, those scum are going to need something to raid after all!

The barge kit is available from Combatzone-scenery

New Command Station upgrade for the space station! Suitabel for most systems!

Wave 7 repainted! I even created a little folding wing pup for the Hound's Tooth!

Imperial Raider repainted!

Gozanti Cruiser repaint

I intend to build a Star Destroyer board sometime in the future...so it begins!

Created a few more turret variants, scorpion (quad anti fighter), missile and tractor beam turrets! Everything keys in nicely with our existing space station system too :)


PDL! Planetary Defense laser. includes energy generators and turrets for an alternative play on the turret scenario!


Interior and furniture options to deck out the HQ!

Ghost, Punishing one, Mist Hunter and Inquisitor Tie repainted

Lets Assault Hoth!

Target the generators...


Used the PDL inserts to create some CQB fun!

Quick catch up and repaint of the recent releases!

Lets go smash up an Angry Triangle! I couldnt resist adding a little interior detail to the bridge ;)

really looking forward to playing on this mat...it looks EPIC! All the components are available from the combatzone-scenery website!

Quick catch up on recent wave repaints because I have totally lost track of time!

Sneak peak at a little hex scenery for X-wing scale games I am working on!


Created some giant Whales and Worms, because space isn't just rocks!


Giant space worm! created a 'dormant' plug for the asteroid too, don't wake him up!

Made some intermediate sized whales (60%) so we can now have a full whale pod swimming around on the table! 

Finally got round to recreating my QX scratch build in 3D printed format!includes hanger details (not including x wings) holes for 8x3mm magnets inlcuded so it simply snaps together and can be broken down for storage!
PM me for details of the kit!


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