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Limited number of 3D boards available!

That's right, time permitting I can offer a limited number of these fantastic 3D Krosmaster boards to liven up those game sessions!

Each lovingly created and painted by yours truly :)

The board consists of 4 quarters, each quarter measuring 8" x 8" (20cm x 20cm) to create a full size 40cm square board. The scenery pack consists of 8 trees (4 of each type), 8 bushes/boulders (4 of each type), 4 crates, 12 paved floor tiles and 6 Demon tiles

As you can see these can be placed onto the board randomly allowing a multitude of different layouts, of course the board sections themselves can also be rotated allowing hundreds of different game board variations!

I can also supply these sets unpainted, why have all the fun myself!

Krosmaster core box


Frigost Expansion

Season 2

Dark Heroes

Season 3

Also available my own sculptured interpretations of the summoned creatures again both painted and unpainted available!

Contact me for price and details hammerhelm@blueyonder.co.uk

Thanks for looking :)

An ongoing Fun project to create some 3D boards and scenery peices for the brilliant Krosmaster and Super Dungeon Expore!

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One night I suddenly felt the urge to have a crack at some sculpting, I only had some plastacine and a few wax carving tools to create masters but things came together and ideas came alive!

First set cast and ready to paint!




144 floor sections cast to complete one full Krosmaster board!!!

board section mock up, will have a 'pit' in the middle and will be broken down into 4 quarter sections to allow easy storage. I have decided to not glue the bush, demonic rewards and tree squares as this will allow some degree of customisation. the rest of the squares will be fixed so its not a hassle to set up each time I want to play!!

Also note the Kros board is a 12x12 grid just like an SDE tile but a slightly larger scale. Personally I like this size better as it allows much more freedom of movement for the SDE figures so soon as I am done with the Kros project its onto SDE scenery!!

Summoned creatures painted, came out quite well for a first time attempt I think!

144 tiles + extras per board, my eyes hurt!
I decided to glue the standard tiles in the same configuration as the game board leaving the 'object' areas loose. This saves a lot of hassle when setting up as you don't need to assemble all the tiles each time you play and the scenery can be switched around a bit allowing a degree of customisation to each game. The standard tile don't effect gameplay btw
Its divided into quarters which again allows you to potentially rotate for more variation and makes storing a little easy at least for me as they can simply be stacked on a shelf

Two types of trees, snozzleberry bushes, boulderlumps, crates and Demon tiles all sculpted and painted!

'King of the Hill' variant, complete with herd of killer mountain Goballs!!!


Started work on some cavern tiles

Also sculpted a summoned Bubotron for Kros

Few more dungeon based sculpts out of my head!

Wooden floors, lava flows, pillars/doors and some assorted bling in the shape of treasure piles and wall torches

Decided to make up some Bubotrons to go with the Count Frigost I just bagged from ebay

Time to build some dungeons!

Started to make up some boards. Cavern and dungeon zone here, like the original outside zone all 'sticky up' bits are removable and each 12x12 square board is split into 4 quarters allowing for a great degree of variable setups. Probably sculpt a slightly different floor tile set and some different columns for a final dungeon zone then its onto painting!

Another board created. with a little tile-fu it can become the Minotaur's maze or the Halls of the Medusa!


All the various components painted! Time to assemble some game boards!

Sample 4 board layout using the original Krosmaster board, will possibly create a 4th dungeon board in the future

Alternatives to the boring card tokens that come with Krosmaster Frigost expansion!

Kros season 2 summoned creatures WIP!

That's Krosmaster season 2 summoned all finished! Including the Pink Dragoone

Dark Heroes summoned nasties!

WIP season 3 Summoned creatures :)

That's season 3 all done!


Lot's of WIP stuff on the go!

From tombstones to tableware!

That's all the Kros Quest compatable scenery painted! All fits neatly into a couple of layers of a KR case too!

Also made a start on the dungeon monsters with the various Goball incantations

Graveyard stuff painted!


That's the Krosquest Goballs all done and dusted!

Various pillars, pumpkin patches and thornweed :)


Krosquest replacements for the boring tokens done!

Knights and libary set finished!

Some accessories and scatter terrain to create cool in game trigger points or just make things look prettier!

Chibiford begins to grow!

But maybe it was a bad idea to build so close to the old 'Abandoned' Necromancers tower!!!


Some of the modular elements used to create the town

markets, small houses, city walls


A belated happy Xmas from the citizens of Chibiford!!!


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