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Rivet Wars

A page show casing the excellent world of Rivet Wars and its brilliant Chibi style miniatures

Chibi Trench warfare!

That's right, all these little bundles of joy in the starter set!

How do they fit them all in the box!

Back to other figures page for lots more funky stuff!


The Allies that come in the main game (same ammount of Axis too, to be painted)


Bit of card, poly and balsa and we have ourselves a cracking 3D board for Rivet!

Rocket Cycles, Riflemen and General G. Patston

Started work on some 3D scenery for RW. 2 section multi-level church as well as modular ruins!

Of course no Church would be finished without a suitable graveyard would it, perfect cover for you to fight your way into the church and dispose of that pesky sniper at the top of the tower!

Everything will be available once finished through a future kickstarter!

Sturmpanzer with Der Cyclops and General E. Romler Plug ins

The Allied contents of the main game, 1 x Ostrich, 3 x bikes, 2 x artillery, 3 x heroes (1 of which is a plug-in)and 9 infantry. The set also includes 2 plug-in optional weapons for the Ostrich walker, the Hacksaw turret and General G. Patston!

Modular ruins and walls, these can be used as single pieces or used to build multi-part ruins and obstacles......more to follow!

MG08 Schlitten and Monowheel Dragoons

M2 Wolverine, Captain W. Parman and Hammer 65 Pounders

Some more WIP! Nice little Aerodrome, a place to rest and reload!

Jager Erwin Konig, Baron Gaston Tankken and Panzerfaust troops

MT-1 Ostrich shown as standard and with the Hacksaw and General G. Patson Plug-ins

Medic tent, train tracks and river sections...yes there is a train coming!


Treasure hunter.....'he HATES SNAKES'!

Armoured Choo Choo! Complete with troops and tank cars and a caboose!

Reme and the Baron

M7 Boss

The caboose comes with several options, simply remove the top for a standard goods cart or use my slot-in sections to represent a coal cart or a car carrying ammo and equipment!

Baron Munchen and his Guard!

Lt Macleod and his buddies!

A Bridge!

M3 Vertical Tank

Modular 4 section factory! Works great with the train :)

I also created another drop in 'stuff' tray that could be used either in the factory or on the train. Maybe you need to supply the factory with parts to recruit mechs? Or the factory is already producing and you need to transport goods and ammunition to the front line?



K-9 Engineering Corps

Of course when things dont go to plan why not replace it with a ruined factory! with the simple swap of 2 sections, 2 roofs and a ruined stack, voila, a wrecked factory! The ruined sections can of course be used seperately too to build smaller 1 and 2 section buildings to fight amongst :)


Angriff Hundfuhrer

F-4 Buccaneers + pilots

Aerodromes painted!

Osprey Biplanes + pilots

New Heroes for the Allied Forces!

General G. Patson & Lt Ewina Brasseldun

Graveyard, ruins and wall sections painted. That battlefield is starting to get BUSY!

New Heroes for the Blight forces!

General E Romler & R-100


Veteran, Jetpacker & Atomic Robo!

Created 2 accessory sets to customise your scenery and add a little more character!


A whole host of new heroes!

Rosie the Riveter, Corporal Cher Ami, 2 versions of Terror Nova and Man in Charge, Baby Girl with their respective plug-ins of course

Medic tent! House rules apply, probably something simple like a rotation system to bring back troops and save deployment points, casualties are first placed on bed, next turn they are on their feet and placed next to the chair and the turn after that they are back in the field!

Captain Elsa Frost

Gyroplanes and Mountaineers!

Church! Two square building but buy more than one and check out the huge Abbey you could build!

Zeppelin Scouts and Trench raiders!

Allied B-12 Dorchester Bomber, Polsten Quad Gun, X-3 Rocket and Pnuematic Revolver

Factory! from a complete functional factory to a destroyed ruin to fight around, simply swap out bits to fit your imagination!

Blight Zeppelin Bomber, 88 Flakker, Grenade Turret and MG Anti-air

Allied Clockwork Soldiers, Uncle Rivet and Dr Vorne

Rivers, bridges and tracks!

Blight Plague Trooper, Iron Chancellor, Cruel Minie, Lt. Dora Rollen and Dr Vorne

Allied Double Play, Slammer turrets and an additional Ostrich

Rosie & Hilda!

Blight Grython's Hammer, Flamme Turrets and additional Sturmpanzer


WIP Dr Vorne's not so secret labotary complete with huge DOOMCANNON!


WIP Tank wreck, crater an Dragon's Teeth tiles. Not to mention numerous other tile textures, 3D rivet board here we come!


Brush up those flying skills, the skies just got a whole lot more dangerous!

Barrage balloons! Complete with little 'sticky plasters' for wound tokens!

Just a few examples of how modular the board can be, with just a little tile juggling look at all those battlefields!

Kickstarter is now LIVE!



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