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A Guide to speed painting!

These particular figures are from the excellent DOOM boardgame but there is no reason why the same techniques can't work with any miniatures, enjoy!

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Speedpainting Xtreme, Skeleton Dragon in 1 1/2 hours!!!

Bear in mind that a total of only 14 colours were used too!

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Bronzed flesh, Bleached bone, gunbolt metal, mithril silver, snake bite leather (demons), sulphur yellow, Space Wolf Grey, Rotting flesh, white, black, red, flesh wash, black ink. That's 14 pots for the WHOLE lot!



Step 1

base colours are first painted, I chose GW bronzed flesh for my figures, all the 'metal' parts are picked out in GW boltgun metal, don't worry about being too neat at this point as the wash tends to bring the colours together. The whole figures are then 'washed' with GW flesh wash ink. This is quite simply painted over the whole base colour and allowed to settle in the recesses, you will find it really helps to bring out the detail.


Step 2

Once dry the figures are then drybrushed, choose a large soft brush and dip it in your paint (the original base colour of bronzed flesh in this case). Wipe the excess from the brush using a piece of kitchen towel until the brush is nearly dry then simply 'dust' the whole figure, you will find this brings out the raised details of the figure as well as creating a basic illusion of light and shadow. Keep practicing and you will soon learn how much pressure to use and where to apply :O)

Step 3

The next thing to do is to 'fine-line' the miniature. All this entails is using a small, fine brush to pick out the raised areas of the model in a lighter colour. This in effect brings out the detail and creates the illusion of light against the darker recessed areas. I recommend adding a little water to the fine-line colour to make it easier to work with, thick paint always works against you at this stage. Try to experiment, you will soon find that you develop an eye for just where thise lines have to go. The colour I chose to fine-line was GW bleached bone, always try and use a colour lighter than the base coat and if possible one which you do not have to mix, this saves a lot of time!

Step 4

Really thats all there is to it, only thing thats left to do is pick out the details such as eyes and teeth and paint the bases, easy!

Try to over exagarate the details such as the teeth for instance, go right up to white for the final highlight so they really stand out, on figures like these which are mostly one colour you really need a focal point and it gives them a great cartoony 'cell shaded' sort of look in my opinion


The Demon. The bolt gun metal is washed with black in then highlighted with GW mithril silver. It's a really nice contrast against the dark brown of the Demon's body. Never realised until I painted these that they had eyes on their back....Freaky!

Marine. An example of just how basic the paint job can be before the wash. Remember the colour wash will bring any minor mistakes into line and it never ceases to amaze me how much life a little ink can breath into a figure!

Marine Finished. See what I mean? All that was done from the last pic was a simple ink wash of flesh ink, followed by basic highlighting of the base colours with a little white added. fast, simple, easy and effective!

Cyberdemon. The big man himself! same rules and colours apply to this figure as to the rest of the horde. Hats off to fantasy flight games, they created some realy nice miniatures for this board game!

Mancubus. Dunno about you but these things freak me out a little. Fat arse too...

Zombies. Base coat was GW rotting flesh, with the clothes based in yellow and space wolf grey, the whole figure was then washed with flesh ink and finally the clothes were highlighted with a little white added to the base colours. Simple but effective!

Trites. Remind me of the head spider out of  'The Thing' Classic!

Base colour yellow, ink wash then highlighted with the same yellow and a little white added. Finally the teeth were picked out with white to give them an 'in your face' look.

The DOOM Horde! Ready to rock.....happy Fraggin'!

Well, finally got round to painting this motley crew, these are all the figures inlcuded with the fantastic Doom Expansion set!

The Cacodemons were fun to paint, went for the greyish hue of the computer game, enough to give you knightmares uh?!

Maggot, nice bright red head to contrast with the rest of the body

Good 'ol marine with weapon of choice, this weeks special at Aldi!

Revenant, skeletons with attitude!

Vagary. The figures are outstanding, large, detailed and really keep with the spirit of Doom I think

Everybody put there hands up who pooped their pants the first time they were chased down the corridor by these in Doom 3!!!

I was originally going to replace the wings with clear plastic but I thought it defeated the spirit of speed-painting


Zombie Commando. Zombies? With chain-guns? What ever happened to the good old fashioned lumbering, brain eating zombie of Dungeons & Dragons!



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