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Fancy bases in 5 easy steps!!!

Had a lot of people asking how to make quick but effective bases like the ones shown on the decent bases, well read on, here it is in 5 easy steps!!!




Gather your materials. All you need is the following;

PVA wood glue, sanding block, small driver or cocktail stick, spatula, casting powder.



Step 2

Remove the figure from its base, with the soft plastic like the descent mini's I found it easier to paint and varnish them first, then, VERY CAREFULLY using a craft knife cut them from the bases. You will find that a new blade will make short work of them

Mix the powder with a little water and PVA to a thick paste. spread it onto the base, a nice thick consistency will give a 'lumpy' effect which looks all the more nicer when sanded ;O)

note; You may find that the pre-mixed tubes of decorators filler is a good substitute for plaster and no need for the PVA!!

Step 3

Using a cocktail stick or similar (I actually use a small watch-menders screwdriver) scribe the gaps of the paving stones into the still wet plaster. Dont worry about any burrs or overhangs just yet as these will sand and giver a nice rough texture

Step 3

Once dry, start to paint. I use shades of grey for the slab effect. Paint the whole base dark grey


Step 4

Progressivly dry-brush the base lighter shades of grey, concentrate the lighter colours towards the gaps in the stone finishing with a gentle brush of white

Step 5

Glue your figure back onto the base and there you go, your favourite hero all set to take a little part of the dungeon home with him to treasure forever!!!

Remember its often better to save a few figures up and base them all at once, I often do groups of 10 or 20 at a time in a matter of minutes!


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