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Starship Troopers The Mobile Infantry

'The greatest army in the history of mankind, the Mobile Infantry is the place for dedicated men and women who are rady to put themselves in harm's way for the safety of the body politic. Equipped with the best weaponry that Earth can provide, there are few enemies that can resist them for long

The United Citizens' Federation is in need of such soldiers, enemies press in on all sides, terrible Alien races who seek to dominate the universe and wipe humanity from the Galactic map.



Click here to se ethe Arachnid Empire!

Click here to see the Skinnie Hegemony!

The whole SST armies are painted with speed in mind, simple airbrush and lining techniques. To give you some idea, all 40 warrior bugs were painted in one afternoon and I averaged a couple of tanker bugs or units a day!


More meat for the grinder!

Close up showing the simple lining techniques. This system works well as the troopers are very detailed!

'Sarge, we got a situation FUBAR'!!

The M8 Ape Marauder suit is a particularly nice model

M8C Bigfoot is the heavy artillery version, not to say it can't look after itself in a close in rumble though!

M9B Nighthawk Marauder, the ground to air support unit of the MI

M9 Chickenhawk marauder, the main fire support platform of the MI

M4A2 Cougar Exosuit, fast and deadly

M4A1 Grizzly Exosuit, Grizzly by name Grizzly by nature!

Thunderbolt TAC fighter. This is a simple repaint of the Micro-machines toy. Little out of scle maybe but when its whizzing over the battlefield at 500MPH...who cares!

TAC UAV, a welcome support platform to weary bogged down troops

Troops equipped with the WASP hover pack. Or' fast food' as the bugs would prefer!

These Dropships are made from card, a free download form the net (think they are called chickenhawks) with a quick run over the airbrush they make quite presentable STT dropships I think!


Reliant Gun Platforms and crew await the onslaught

The CHAS robot unit, good for those tricky suicidal missions where marines aren't as expendible as usual

Pathfinders, the special forces of the MI

Bombs and missiles! 'B.F.B' I'm sure you can work out the acronym yourselves!

MI Micro platforms, don't under-estimate them, they pack a punch!

Razak's Roughnecks!

Razak's Roughnecks!

Light Infantry - More meat for the grinder!


SICOM agent with his trusty Neodog and below some special troopers armed with missile launcher, sniper rifle and a real mean attitude


The 40k Tau Pirahna makes a nice substitute for the MI LA-50 Sprite Reconnaissance Skimmer

I reckon the MI make it look way cooler than those freakish looking space monkeys!

Managed to grab myself a galoob Viking and Skyhook dropship the other day from ebay

Quick coat of paint and they make fantastic additions to the MI

OK, so they are more representative than exact scale

But they add some options which are not available unless you want to scratch-build

Or pay a fortune for limited resin models!

3D printed Viking dropship. I added a little extra detail post print inlcuding interior detail...MOVE IT YOU APES!

Ever since I started collecting my Trooper army I have wanted the ellusive Slingshot which never went to retail. finally gave up the search and decided to design my own! Designed and printed from the ground up and I think she came out pretty nice! Want to kn ow more? Interested in a kit? drop me an email ;)

Works nice for a Merc or proxy dropship for colonial marines too!!!

After doing the slingshot I couldn't wait to have a go at the Slingshot! Again built from scratch, printed kits available just give me a shout! :)


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