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Starship Troopers The Skinnie Hegemony

The Skinnie Hegemony has mobilised for war and now aims to bring it's own brand of civilisation to every corner of the Federation. Utterly alien, their society and technology is Anathema to everything the Mobile Infantry stands for, and peace can never exist between the two species while the borders of their great Empires clash[/quote]

Check out the Mobile Infantry!

Check out the Arachnid Empire!


The Skinnie general and his Personal guard

Skinnie Guard, professional veteran soldiers

Venerables, the Elite warriors of Skinnie society

Skinnie Lord

Skinnie Tyrant

Skinnie soldiers

Skinnie Militia

Sratch-built the little power glaives onto the stock Cheiftain figures to make them into individual Tawn Riders

very impressive miniatures as a unit

Close-up showing one of the glaives and check out the size of the riders compared to a standard MI in power armour!

Skinnie raiders

Skinnie Cabal, the psychic punch of the Skinnie army, a lot like prunes. The more you use the more dangerous they become!

Skinnie fast attack bikes!

Close-up of the light bike, packing 2 x constrictor cannons

The heavy version armed with 2 x constrictor cannons and a rear mounted mass driver

Skinnie Venerable walkers

With 4 hits, jump ability and armed with a Mass Driver, Heavy laser, dual laser and Harmonic shield. They pack quite a punch!


Rear and top-down view

Skinnie Brutes - the football hooligans of the skinnie Hegemony!

Very big compared to the MI trooper!




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