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The Arachnid Empire

'Bugs. Arachnids. Call them what you will, they are the greatest and most terrifying threat mankind has ever faced.A species so utterly ruthless and alien that they are beyond comprehension

With a sub-species for every conceivable military or evolutionary requirement, the Arachnids represent the pinnacle of creation, an unstoppable force that rampages through throughout the galaxy. Wether gathered as a few light swarms or massed within a great colony, the Arachnids are the most dangerous army fought by the mobile infantry

The Arachnids are the greatest threat the Citizens' Federation has ever faced, pitching humanity into a battle of the species'

Click here to see the Mobile Infantry!

Click here to see the Skinnie hegemony!

The whole SST armies are painted with speed in mind, simple airbrush and lining techniques. To give you some idea, all 40 warrior bugs were painted in one afternoon and I averaged a couple of tanker bugs or units a day!


Brain bug, Da boss!

Often seen guarding important assets such as Brain bugs or Plasma bugs these Guard bugs are a force to be reckoned with!

A horde of warriors descend on their prey! Close up shows simple airbrushing used to create a force en mass

They also come in lemon flavour too!

A mantis Assassin bug gets down to business

Death from above! Hoppers provide deadly and much needed air support

An Infiltrator bug in its 'disguise' form and attack mode

Spider bugs, erm spidery and bug like?

Tanker bug, the bulldozer of the Arachnid force

Even deadlier than the Tanker is a superior species of the King Tanker

Hard ass of the tanker fleet, the Thorny tanker obliterates everything in its path. When you absolutely and positively have to squash every marine on the field, except no substitutes!

Long range artillery of the Arachnid force the Plasma bug represents a deadly long range weapon against both marines and orbiting spacecraft

When things get a little hairy for the Brain bug he calls in his bigger tougher brother, the Overseer bug

Firefries sneak up on an MI post ready to wreak flaming death!

Burrower bugs, they gotta be females with mouths like that?

A Mantis Hunter bug

Rippler swarms, devastating destruction on gossimer wings!

Blaster and blister bugs


Cliff mites, tiny bark BIG bite!

Brain control bugs, tiny but real mean!

Just got some nice 3d craters

They make excellent bug holes!



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