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February/March 09



24th March 09




09th March 09

Well, looky here, we have another tank at last!

A nice Vanilla flavoured Jagdpanther reports for duty!


26th February 09

Just killing a little time until the Grey knight stuff arrives and remembered I had this old Warjack lying around so stuck some bits on and voila! We have the multi-role WARJACK-O-NOUGHT!


18th February 09

Some new minis in the 'gallery of Ghastlies' section

Also added a new page covering gangers, heroes and genreral 'futuristic' minis that dont slot into the usual Generic categories

Have also took the opportunity to make this front page a little more user friendly. It will only list the last few moinths of updates, go to the Archive page to see all updates since time began!



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