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When a fella simply runs out of the right coloured paint pots

Well, cut a long story short, a while ago I bagged some amazing converted Dark Angel miniatures from ebay on an Impulse purchase. Wanting to do them justice and admittedly annoy the bearded ones out there I decided there was only one option and that was to paint them blue! Lack of the correct GW pots led me to make do with the tamiya colours I had (little darker than the codex some might say). What we ended up with is a new chapter because I am simply too lazy and too tight to buy the required paints

The Origin of the Crimson Ultrawings!

The crimson Ultrawings are unlike any other marine chapter, chosen for their grim determination and no-nonsense attitude they are drawn from several main chapters, often called in to situations that require brute force and a direct, some might say suicidal, approach

Most missions call for the marines to be deep behind enemy lines, detached and out of touch with supply ships and higher command for long periods they are granted a certain amount of autonomy and must carry most of the supplies needed for the mission in hand, for this reason they often travel with several armoured vehicles to aid with support fire/logistics

It is rumoured that the original geneseed for the mainstay of this fighting force was taken from a small area of Terra known as ‘The North'

This could be the explanation as to why the Crimson Ultrawings have been reigning champions of the inter-chapter drinking game since it began. It could also suggest an origin for their legendary and deadly war whippets

The unit motto is “First ones in, last ones out”

No place for a lady

Sister Anabelle grimaced as she dived behind the barricade, enemy fire shredded the wall where she had been stood a second ago. Things were bad, things were VERY bad. Her small scouting force was down to three sisters of battle, ammo was nearly gone and the Eldar closed in from every side. WHERE were the re-enforcements she had requested WHERE!

She peered over the barricade; suddenly shapes she recognized broke the distant gloom. MARINES!

Captain Samuel peered into the gloom, his bionic enhancements highlighted areas of the battle scarred terrain that his normal vision could never have analyzed.

In an instant his military mind had concocted a superior battle plan based on the positions of the enemy units he had scanned.

“Alpha squad, spearhead the left flank, Gamma fall back follow on right flank, suppressing fire. Chosen ones prepare to deep strike on my mark”

He stopped, drew a deep breath and raised his sword…..”IN THE NAME OF THE EMPORER” his sword fell forward pointing towards their quarry “CHHAAAAAAAARRRGGGEEEEE”

An explosion of blue sprang from the smoke, Alpha squad fired up the jump packs, in an instant they where upon the Eldar, chain swords did their butchering, limbs fell and screams filled the air.

To the right the Devastator squad opened up with their heavy weapons, a torrent of lead, laser and plasma was emptied into the large group of Eldar warriors ahead, they dived for cover, enough time for Samuel's squad to cover the open ground between them. Bolt guns screamed into life tearing into the enemy and Samuel's squad engaged the remaining warriors in a deadly melee. He scanned his surroundings, as he suspected the Eldar had held reinforcements in cover, they broke from their hiding hole and made for the swirling melee of blood and guts

Samuel blocked a heavy blade and plunged his sword into the owners torso, driving it deep he raised his boot and kicked the limp body from is bloodied weapon, he deftly reached for his belt, pulled a marker grenade and threw it towards the rapidly advancing Eldar re-enforcements

“Chosen ones, on my Marker NOW”

For a split second the battlefield was illuminated by a blue haze, the smell of ozone filled the air; the chosen ones shimmered into existence. Two Eldar shuddered to a halt, their last vision being that of the lightning claw plunging into their chests.

A booming voice could be heard even above the sound of screams and bolter fire “AHAHAH ANYONE FOR A KEBAB!” Sergeant Blessed roared with laughter at his own joke, with a swift motion he flicked the two Eldar from his clawed hand. Around him the rest of his terminator force had already engaged the terrified enemy, beneath the onslaught of hammer and claw they stood little chance.

Captain Samuel pushed forward towards the sister's position; little opposition stood before him now, the execution of his battle plan had been swift and brutal.

Suddenly a blur of colour flashed from his right, flashing blades danced before him and there stood an Eldar harlequin

“Your honour marine, shall now be the death of you for I challenge you by trial of combat the right to take this field, I know your traditions pig now prepare to DIE”

His blades flashed trough the air with supernatural speed, he danced them around before Samuel in a show of dexterity and combat prowess that would have put the fear of God into any man.

“This battlefield shall be MIN…”

As he finished his sentence a clean round hole appeared in his forehead, the harlequins eyes looked up and crossed in a vain attempt to register what had just happened. A second later the rest of his body caught up with the fact that he was dead and crumpled into a lifeless heap, swords clattered to the ground

Captain Samuel looked down the barrel of a smoking bolt pistol, turning to face his men he growled at them

“I don't fight men who wear tights”

Kicking the fallen Eldar aside he led his men forward towards the barricades. Before him the sisters arose, they raised their weapons and cheered their saviors.

Samuel approached the leading sister, holstering his gun he looked her up and down and a smile cracked open his face

“Make Yer'sen useful old love and get kettle on, ‘am bloody parched'



The 5 ages of Brother Barry!!

He started out on a nice cushy number as head candle snuffer on the Mighty Titan Brother Humongus. Until an unfortunate incident with a weak bladder (an unfortunate encounter with the wrong end of a ripper swarm during the tyranid wars) and the purity font!

As a punishment he was knocked back down to infantry where, truth be told, he really enjoyed himself.

So much so that he thought he could make a bigger impact if he packed a bigger punch so a few hours on ebay and he managed to bag an 'as new' suit of terminator armour, he was a happy bunny, look at the grin on his helmet!

Of course Brother Barry was hitting that sort of age when the old 'mid-life crisis' hits in so one day he just sold everything and bought a BIG BIKE!

Sadly it was inevitable, we all know middle aged men and powerful bikes simply do not mix. Needless to say we just managed to scrape enough of him off the back of the landraider to fill the sarcophagus!!!


The 'lads' Assault Terminators ready to ruuuuuumble!

The guy really did a fantastic job converting these fellas, they were a pleasure to paint

'Santa found a solution to the street crime problem'

First unit of Assault marines, I decided to base them in a more dynamic pose

The first of two planned dreadnoughts, this one also sits at the base of my Warlord Titan helping to repel borders!

'Look Ma I got an Orky doll for Xmas'!


Marine Typhoon

Brother Barry has been re-assigned to ground duty after an unfortunate incident onboard his Titan involving too many lagers and the blessing font...


Predator Annihilator "Dominus" packed up and ready to move onto the next trouble spot!

Damn tanks.....will I ever be free of them!

Marine Devastator Squad Alpha

Looks like the Serg cut himself shaving

marine Devastator Squad Beta

Gnarly old vets, been there written the book

Few pics showing details

Wow, check out the porn tash!


Rhino razorback armed with twin las cannons

And of course piled with the crap!

Long range support Whirlwind

Some marines take advantage of a spare bum sized space on top of this Rhino razorback! Why walk when you can ride!

Armed with twin linked heavy bolters

the light armour section, land raiders to come!

An example of some of the excellent 'cinematic effect' parts available from Armorcast, really add a little life to the miniatures and battlefield

That launcher set is just so cool!

Flamer and heavy lascannon caught doing the dirty

Marine Tactical squad, the bread and butter of the force

Ultramarine Venerable Dreadnought

Alternate weapons and funky banner!



This dude likes to dance close and personal with those pesky xenos, hence the double claw load-out!


The second Tactical Squad takes shape

Send Assault squad ready SIR!

Sergeant Telion leads his crack scout unit into battle. camo cloaks shimmering into the background cover

Boom! Headshot!

Sergeant Telion decided to take part in a tour with the Crimsons, he was easy to talk round, a full English every morning and free beer!

Brother Sergeant Chronus volunteered, anywhere where he can blow up the enemy with overwhelming armoured might is a comfort zone for him!

Tigurius didnt so much volunteer for a tour with the Crimsons. It's more the fact that Sergeant Samuel still has those pictures of him and the Sister of battle at his 250th Birthday party, who would have thought that someone wearing power armour could be quite so flexible!

Captain Sicarius comes to check out the Crimsons.

Shine those shoes boys!

Brother Barry snagged a nice suit of second hand Terminator Armour from ebay the other day..Woohoo!

Vroom Vroom Dakka Dakka!

The Crimson Ultrawings have super fast attack now!

The First of two units of Terminators. You simply cannot have wholesale slaughter without a few Termy's I say!

Pedro called in for a cup of tea and some biscuits, he was persuaded to lay down some funk for the camera! He has also agreed to complete a Tour of Duty with the Crimson Ultrawings (they are very nice biscuits 'The Emperors Hobnobs')

The Dreaded Terminator RDS (Rodent delivery system) Tungsten helmeted high explosive hamsters, when you absolutely and positively have to kill every last mofo in the room ;)

Some more heavy armour to back up the lads, this time a Crusader, turned round for 1 minute and Chronus had jumped in the commanders seat and was ordering the crew around! Left this one free of stowage for a change. Besides every time I tried to load it up Chronus just kept giving me lip, something about 'keeping a tidy ship' cantankerous old git!


Tiggy was a little jealous of Brother barry's new suit of Terminator armour so he went out and bought himself some!


Thunderfire cannon, new toy to play with lads!

The second Speeder to join the crimsons

The first of two Veteran Sternguard Squads, chaaaaarge!

Crimsons now have accurate and deadly deepstrike ability!

Sternguards charge forward as the pods doors slam down!

Looks like Brother Barry is going through a mid-life crisis, he sold the Terminator suit and bought a motor bike!!!

Second Terminator Squad reporting for duty SIR!

The Big man himself Marneus Galgar!

Always travels with his 'honour guard' and of course the chapter banner!

He just dropped by to borrow some DVD's from Tigurius and insisted on a few poses for chapter picture album!

Techmarines doing what they do best. Charging the Earth for a routine service!

Last of the heavy armour. The land raider Terminus. Typical, bigger guns come along and Chronus is straight into the commanders seat! The weapons are held on using magnets which allow it to be quickly converted into a passable standard raider

The 3rd of the Dreadnoughts!

Space Marine Captain showing off his new Terminator armour

Space Marine Captain

The second veteran Sternguard Squad

Vanguards chhhhaaaaaarrrgggee!

Looks like Brother Barry talked Tigurius into splashing out on a new bike too!

Final Landraider, some of the Vets were complaining about sore feet so decided it was time to take a ride into the next battle!

Landraider 'Sleipner'. Odin's 8 legged horse. Seen a few 5 legged horses in my time but never an 8 legged variety (well I think that was a 5th leg?)

"Blimey these new boots dun 'alf rub Geoff"

Barry got a little frisky on the bike, we managed to peel enough from the back of the landraider to fill a Dreadnought, sigh, middle aged men and their toys <roll eyes>

I made an alternative flamer weapon for this DN, we all know how Chaplains loveto have a good rant and randomly setting fire to things

Only one way to improve a Dark Angels DN in my opinion, paint the bloody thing BLUE!

Could this be the beginning of a small grey knight support force?

Just killing a little time until the Grey knight stuff arrives and remembered I had this old Warjack lying around so stuck some bits on and voila! We have the multi-role WARJACK-O-NOUGHT!

Always misplacing the tape measure? Slowing games down? Losing friends? Worry no more! The Crimson Ultrawings present the newly commissioned 'Tape-o-nought' for When that extra inch really can make a difference!

Added a few jump pack effects to some of the assault troops and characters

Scratch built card pods. Just the ticket...only another 7 to build!


The Crimson's gain a Rhino for a short while although not for long as it's destined to be chucked out of the back of a Stormbird troop transport!

Rhino Driveby - Crimson Ultrawing style!


Finally got that last speeder to finish the Land Speeder Squadron!

Landspeeder Storm and more scouts join the unit!

Two examples of the Forgeworld Razorbacks

Dave loved being a space marine. It wasn't the comradery. It wasn't the utter devotion to the Emporer. It wasn't even the cool armour he got to wear every day. No, it was the utter and outright violence he enjoyed. There was nothing better for Dave than to hand out a little power glove lovin' or feel the gore splatter against his helmet as he cut another Eldar in two with his chainsword. In fact Dave's last living memory was one of violence as he charged screaming at the Eldar Avatar bent on vengeance for the marine squad he had just seen slaughtered by the Demonic abomination. As the tip of the singing spear filled his vision his world went black. Dave awoke. Inside his metal coffin he could still sense the world around him, he monitored the wind speed and calibrated the targeters. The intercom directed him to 'go over there and BREAK that' oh joy....there was a heaven!

The Ironclad in it's various combinations

Scouts get some new toys!

Finally bagged that missing piece! This was a cheapy from Ebay and a right mess it was too. That stowage isn't there for show it's to cover the great big holes where the model was assembled wrong!

Just goes to show that maybe you can't polish a turd but you can sure roll it in glitter ;o)

Finally got round to making up another two Vindicators so I have my full contingent of instant template death!

The first 5 of the Legion of the Damned inlcuding the Sergeant


The remaining 6 of the LotD including heavy flamer and Multi-melta variants...nasty!

Scratch work on a Legion dread


The finished Legion Dread, came out quite funky for a rushed project

Bagged a raider wreck for 10 quid! Amazing what you can do with an overnight soak in Dettol and a splash of paint (the wreck not me)


The Banana men grow stronger with the addition of a Dreadnought!

Banana boat!


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