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Awesome game, Awesome miniatures...will think of something to add later!

Another great offering from Fantasy Flight, cheers!

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Allied Forces

BBQ Assault Squads

SSU Forces

Battle Squad and Rifle Squad

Axis Forces

Axis Battle Grenadiers and Command Squad

Command and Recon teams

Observer and Sniper Teams

Laser Grenadier Squads

Observer/Sniper Squads and The Gunners

Close Combat Squad and Command Squad

Observer/Sniper Squads and Recon Squad


Grim Reapers led by Ozz 117 and Tank Buster Unit

Chinese Volunteers

Axis Zombies and Gorillas!

Allied and Axis Heroes to date

SSU walkers and Koshka

Allied and Axis Heroes to date

Allied light Walker Honey and Wildfire Variants

Transport Chopper

Axis Light Walker Heinrich and Hermann variants

Hotdog napalm tank

The SSU forces so far as of July 12

Luther 'Mr pinchy'


SSU Grand'ma piloted by Captain Koshka Rudinova-Smersh

Ludwig Medium Walker

Steelrain, death from above!

Commissar Squad and an additonal Close Combat Squad go to make up a double strength Assault nightmare!

Lothar Artillery


KV-47 Aero Walker and MIL MI-46 Transporter


Deathdealers and Hell boys

SSU MI-47 Attack chopper

Heavy Flak Grenadiers and Heavy Laser Grenadiers

Hammers led by Rhino and a Unit of Red Devils

Red Guard Assault and Command Squads

Winter Child also added IronManski for the SSU!

Lara and a unit of Sturmpioneers

Modded this readily available 1/48 kit into an affordable landing craft that works with the Dust miniatures. As you can see very little extra work required, just a matter of widening the cargo area and filling the gaps..jobs a good 'un!

Tracked heavies for the SSU!

From top to bottom - IS-5 A 'Mao Zedong', IS-5 B 'Vladimir Lenin', IS-48 B 'Lavrentiy Beria' and IS-48 A 'Karl Marx'

Axis Heavy Walker 'Konigsluther' and 'Sturmkonig'

Allied Heavy Walker 'Punisher' and 'Fireball' variants

SSU 'Babushka' and 'Matrioshka'

Heavy Recon Grenadiers

Allied Heavy Command

SSU KV47 Recovery Mech

Axis Heavy Command

Action Jackson Gets his own Platoon!

SSU support units, Mortar team 'Hailstorm', Tesla gun team 'Red Lightning', BR 47-100 'Red Fury' and BR 47-200 'Red Rain'

Markus gets his own Ape Platoon!

The Allies get the Rattler/Cobra medium tank complete with Amphibious kit!

SSU Steel Guard, snipers and command

Totenmeister up to full zombie strength!

Second Tank Buster Squad

Ahhh aint it cute!

249 Scout car

The new Axis heavy walker the Wotan, Wotan-AR and Flamm-Luther

Allied Kill Squads the 'Devils Own' and 'Legio Patria Nostra'


Axis 'Jagdgrenadiere' and 'Laser-Jagdgrenadiere' Heavy Weapon teams

Sergeant Victory!


Axis 'Prinzluther' and 'Sturmprinz'

The new Allied Walker and it's 3 Variants. HQ, Long Tom II and Skysweeper


Horten HO-347 Fledermaus III/IV

Got to love that BFG!


Allied P-48 Pelican Warbird, 'Bellowing Bertie' and 'Diving Dotty' variants



Six Shooter and Bulldog heavy Assault


Axis Zombie Suicide and Assault squads!

'What? They can use guns!!?'

Scratch-built 'Barking dog'


Axis Horton HO-347 'der Blitz'

Allied 'Devil Dogs'


Sturmaffe apes standard and alternate heads

Made this ages ago and forgot to post, ever get the feeling you paint way too much!

Recon Mickey, scratch-built cupola made from an old bottle top and some spare crew/parts, simply slots into the top of an existing tank :)


Jagdluther painted in Ambush Camo


Tamiya 1/48 Puma and Halftrack. Perfect for Dust. The Puma is shown with the AA and Command Panzerprinz turret variants


Another Konigsluther done! This time in Camo Ambush!

I also created a little 'Vampir' style infra red unit, pretty generic so will fit most of the tanks, give me a shout if your interested in some for your tanks!


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