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Dust Scenery and buildings

A few people have asked for more details about the buildings I use for my games of Dust Warfare, so here you are!

To date most of my buildings have been purchased from an excellent seller on Ebay called 'fogmodels'. They are plaster based models that require minimul assembly.

I generally glue them to a thick card base then create floors, etc from cardboard. Keep the rubble simple, just for effect as a long time gamer I can comment from experience that there is nothing more annoying than trying to stand those damn minis up straight when they are presented with a minefield of rubble, rocks and debris...KEEP IT SIMPLE FOLKS!

It should be noted that most of these buildings are 1/35 scale too, you hardly notice the scale difference to be honest and when your adding those false floors use a dust mini to fix it to the correct height to allow them to see out of windows! Besides, have you ever tried to get hold of 1/48 scenery, like rocking horse sh*t and pay through the nose

Check out the ongoing battle reports for in game pictures, etc. They can be found here Battle Reports page

Check out this video of the BURNING COLUMNS OF DOOOOOOOM to see them in all their flickery glory!

Back to Dust Armies!



Quite a number of people have asked about the 'glowy' kill markers I use too. While there are many different ways to go about making these this is one of the simplest ways, honestly takes MINUTES!

Basic tools as shown, little battery powered tea lights, some polyester cushion stuffing, glue gun, spray varnish and grey/black paint


First step is to pull a chunk of the stuffing out, tease it to a rough shape and size that your happy with...


Using the glue gun attach this around the base of the tea light, be sure not to block the switch or the battery access panel on the bottom....nearly done!



Give the whole thing a good spray of varnish (I use gloss, the stuff you can buy from any good hardware store) this will stiffen up the fibres giving them the consistency close to candy floss (doesn't taste as nice...I tried!)

Once dry you can re=shape a little if you prefer, the varnish makes the whole thing a little more robust. last job is to simply spray the smoke column dark grey/black. Keep it quite light towards the bottom so the 'flame' shows through but lay it on heavy towards the top


Now darken the room, switch on the tea light and prepare to be hypnotised by the flickering column of DOOOOM!



First set of buildings, remember, keep it simple, don't overdue the rubble and keep sufficient level floor space for those troops to get a steady footing!

First step is to pull a chunk of the stuffing out, tease it to a rough shape and size that your happy with...


A large industrial type buildings and the compulsory Ruined Church!


Two of the larger buildings, I recommend making little support struts out of card for the wider floor sections, although the Dust miniatures are quite light, better safe than sorry!

An example of the one piece barriers that can be purchased from Fogmodels, perfect for Dust!

A few sample shots showing the Dust Miniatures for scale, as you can see quite passable for the less fussy among us!

Finished a few bunkers, squad of 5 fits neatly within :)

A couple of Axis Hortens attacking a column of Allied vehicles, Pelican in hot persuit!

The tables are then turned and the outnumbered Pelican attempts to lose its assailants by heading to the deck and taking the battle into the winding streets of the city in a deadly game of cat and mouse!

So easy to do. Using a drill (7mm bit is a nice size) create a bevel cup in the top of the stand. pop a drop of superglue into the 'cup' and drop a ball bearing in there, rough up the contact point on the bearing with a little wet and dry. Leave to dry overnight and then rough up the rest of the ball with wet and dry to make it a little more 'grippy'

Its a simple matter of glueing a ring magnet on the bottom of the aircraft or the weapon pods in the Hortens case. Thats it! Swooping aircraft...have fun!



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