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Battle reports!

Will try to report on the odd battle and gaming report when I find the time!

Hope you enjoy!

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Allied assault on an Axis Research base (this page)

Allied defense of hill 666



Here we go.....Dust Warfare. Allied Assault on an Axis Research base!  

The Allies assault an Axis research facility!

Approx 260pts per side, axis took the 'extra Panzer support' option if your wandering where the extra walker came from!

The initial set-up saw the Axis forces pouring from the base (to right) to engage the Axis groups. Our allied sniper managed to secure an excellent position atop a ruined building just within the set-up area which overlooked the whole battlefield, keep your head down Fritz!

Action Jackson and his small platoon of Red Devils were kept in reserve ready to be air dropped in our hour of need!

Both BBQ Squads advanced with the Hell Boys command squad on the left flank


First blood was drawn by the Allied Blackhawk light walker which took advantage of its one-off 'All in one' ability and opened up with everything it had at the Axis Medium walker, it was reduced into a burning wreck in the blink of an eye! The Allied sniper team also scored a kill on the Axis Sniper team in something akin to 'Enemy at the gate'. Staring down their scopes at each other across the ruined city streets the glint of the enemies scope was the last thing the Axis sniper saw and the spotter was left wiping blood and brains from his tunic

Turn 3 saw Totenmeister advancing towards our troops with frightening speed! Axis laser squads also took up position in the ruins of the Frisky Fuhrer ready to lay down withering fire on any approaching Allied forces

Turn 3 also saw the destruction of our Honey light walker before it really got involved, just goes to show it's not a good idea to go toe to toe with an Axis 5cm flak cannon!

The Heinrich proved devestating as it cut down our close combat squads, we later discoved we had been rolling too many dice (10 rather than 5!!) and the Axis player had misread the range and added 6"!

Saying that the stalwart lone sniper (his spotter had took one for the team earlier) still survived several sustained attacks from it 2cm flak cannons,which were officialy out of range and rolling too many dice..around 30 dice rolled over 2 turns in all....give that man a medal!

Little remained of our command group and combat squads after the onslaught from the Heinrich and laser squads and the Zombie forces began to push forward into our left flank so we decided it was time for the Red Devils to show their faces...huzza!

Turn 4. The Heinrich finally got his just deserves after realising his range error the Axis player moved it forward but the quick reactions of the Tankbuster Squad quickly reduced it to a flaming wreck in a hail of bazooka fire!

Our Allied Blackhawk stepped out into the open road in the hope of drawing some enemy fire and allowing our other pinned troops to move forward. The ply worked and Action Jackson and his Paratroopers made their move!!!

In an inspired action the Red Devils surged forward in an all or nothing action. Splitting their fire they fried the remaining Axis Medium mech, obliterated the Zombie forces mortally wounding Totenmeister and had an hand in destroying the two remaining groups of Laser Grenadiers. The one remaining flamer from the combat squads held fast and mopped them up with a big fiery 'hulloo'

It was getting a little late so the Axis player conceded the base in the face of overwhelming heavy infantry and nothing really to fight it with,we shipped the surviving enemy forces to the rear lines and a POW camp and pushed forward into the Research base for vital information on what those dastardly Germans were up to!...to be continued!

Only our second game of Warfare (although we have quite a few tactics game under our belts) All in all another fantastic, fun, balanced (when we get the rules right!) and close game. We managed to obtain the objective on the last turn and it was a TOUGH fight getting there!

Roll on battle three!


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