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Battle reports!

After capturing the sensitive Axis research documents the Allied forces make haste to the pick up point and await transport...hill 666!

once more apols for the terrible pictures....i will work the camera out....eventually!

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Allied assault on an Axis Research base

Allied Defense of hill 666 (this page)



The Allies defend hill 666 from the Axis onslaught!

Tried to keep the Allied force similar to the previous battle to represent them breaking out with the same manpower

The axis decided that if the enemy truly wanted the secret research then they would give them a taste of the result with lots of zombies! Also a couple of specialised units were called in and we tried out a few more of the heavier infantry units


The allies initial set up, command squad hunkered down on the hill top and the axis ready to assault, we played from corner to corner


The first couple of turns saw few casualties as the armies concentrated on movement and obtaining good strong firing positions. A few Axis casualties as a result of long toms landing on their heads!

The Zombies stumbled up the main road unawares of the close combat squad hiding in the buildings but fully aware of the blackhawk that opened up with its 'all or nothing' skill sending body parts flying! It was a massacre! Many of the troops balked at the smell of burning cadavre and it was probably a deciding factor in the overall axis defeat that they lost so many shock troops at this point in the game and so close to hill 666.

Non the less there were still enough of those zombies left to reach the Blackhawk, punch a hole in its hull and pull the screaming crew to a horrible death!

The Wildfire also bought it this round, the twin '88s of the Ludwig finding their target

The Allied tank buster squad set up on the top of a ruined building, readied their weapons and waited for an opportunity for revenge...

Meanwhile what remained of the zombies tried in vane to gain a foothold on the hill, alas fire coming in from all angles there where simply too few and even with Tottenmeister absorbing much of the damage and injecting himself furiously with serum to heal their end was inevitable

The Ludwig finally breaks cover and the Tankbusters seize the opportunity to lay down a withering hail of M10 Bazooka fire. After the smoke has cleared all that remains is the burning wreck of the Ludwig....HUZZA!


What remains of the Axis army decides to make a last ditch all out assault on the hill. Dashing from the relative safety of the hard cover tank traps they are met with a storm of enemy fire from the command group as well as phaser fire from the Red Devils. The few that remain run for their lives.....victory for the Allies!

Not long after the M6 Heavy Assault walker arrives to pick up the Command Crew and with armoured escorts it begins it's long journey accross open countryside and hostile territory. No doubt those Dastardly Axis force lay in wait somewhere along the route...but that's a story for another day....



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