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December 2006


26th December 06

A slightly belated Xmas greeting from one of Santa's new Reindeers!

Not sure if Oscar will ever get his street cred back OR forgive us!!!!

The right picturelinks to a little movie so you can hear the jingle of xmas bells :O)


22 December 06

Happy Christmas everyone and all the best for the new year!

Been taking things steady and having a break over the holiday so just a few minor updates until next year!

Just finished a nice build of a King Tiger with lots of extra detail bits, check it out over on the commisions page

Also finally got round to painting yet more miniatures from the Well of darkness expansion to the wonderful descent board game, check them out here!


01 December 06

Man dolls!

Predator/Alien fans are gonna love these!

Recent disaster saw my hard drive wiped, if there is anyone I should have contacted recently please drop me an email as I lost all information!


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