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Serenity models

Shiny models of the imfamous Firefly class transport. Keep on flyin'!

God's balls man, the old girl is all spruced up and ready for the black, I don't care cos I'm still freeee!

A personal thanks to Sean aka Armorbimbo for the fantastic base models, the man is a Gorram genius and way too cunnin' for his own good!

The PDF file of the plans to build this can be downloaded here Serenity download

Latest pics at the bottom...

Click the picture above to take a look at the Mule!

THE CREW! Check 'em out at the bottom!


The original card model, downloaded free from the internet! nearly 70 sheets of card later and we have a 3 foot long fantastic looking model, I bow to the boffin who came up with the design!

basic model is complete an all the plastic detail is added (the white bits)

The belly

Port side of ship

top down view

tail end

The tailfins can be posed open or closed


The crew so far, all available from Heresy miniatures!

(Jayne is a slight mod on the Riddick figure)

Close up showing, erm a close up

Some nice Generic guard figures, again from Andy over at Heresy miniatures (check the links page)

Korban Dallas and Leeloo!


A generic bunch of heroes n baddies!

Printed Mule with a few scratch details added!



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