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Space Wolves

A commission

Foreward by Mathias Fenger (now proud owner of this army)


Fenris, sometime past the second founding...

Tarmin forced a smile upon his face. He turned towards the sky and howled as loud as his teenage lungs were able to. Immediately all young bloods along the shore howled with fervour. Tarmin’s look rambled around his peers. Following the fire lights fixed at the masts of the departing dragon ships, no one left the beach. But soon the lights mixed up with the stars above the horizon and couldn’t be separated any further.

They were left behind.

He estimated their number at about one hundred young bloods. Like Tarmin, they watched their elders leaving with sadness. They had to go, he knew, to take revenge for what he was unable to describe, to name or even think about. The ambush of the Iron Hammers Clan took place two days ago. Cowardly the Hammers attacked at the new moons feast and despicable killed most of the women. The clan had no future. The loss was irreversible, the crack in the hearts of Hurakan’s warriors incurable. Those that survived the ambush had nothing left of them but bitter revenge.

They never returned.

About a decade later, Tarmin stood at the beach again. Three ships had shown up at the horizon. It weren’t dragon ships. Fast they reached the cost line and with pleasure Tarmin recognized the grey hammer symbol on the ships canvas. He growled gruesome. The beach was crowded with what had become the next generation of Hurakan’s warriors. The young bloods had grown up. More pristine than any generation afore they had achieved unique strength and power. There was only the right of the mighty and mighty were all of them.

They stood face to face.

Clan leader Rafnek of the Iron Hammers, and mightiest of the Sons of Hurakan, Tarmin Skar. For one moment, the scene seemed to freeze, than the prides charged.The Iron Hammers were experienced warriors, but outnumbered and physical inferior. It was a bloody massacre. When the few surviving attackers fled, dozens of warriors had been killed. Most of them Hammers, but many Sons of Hurakan lost their life’s too. Deathly wounded, Tarmin’s breathing was flat. His friends were at his side, praying to the wind god, arranging the runes of transition. Tarmin passed out. He closed his eyes and died in the moment a bright shining star landed on the battlefield. It was no epiphany, but a Thunder Hawk. Bjorn Tjiar (later known as “the Fell-handed”) disembarked. He had observed the battle, searching for new potential Space Marine aspirants. Needless to say, most of the survivors and those that could be reanimated were recruited.

They stayed together.

During their training the wolf pack kept its coherence. Every time a wolf was separated, the earth was imbued with blood. Because their pride was unbreakable und they didn’t know the word fear. They became ideal, honorable Space Marine aspirants, but accepted none but their peers; those they perceived by their howl. Ever since, the Sons of Hurakan became part of the 8th Company of the Emperors Space Wolves.

They were Space Marines.




The whole force to be painted. I was kind of hoping that painting this lot for somebody else might get the whole wolf thing out of my system and save me a fortune. Sadly as each piece is finished I find myself thinking 'just a little assault force sitting alongside the Crimsons might look cool' <rolls eyes>

Test piece. I tend to use Tamiya colours for basing most miniatures so it was important for me to find a colour I was happy with

First off the board is this Landraider, I think the lighter wolf grey shows off the weathering brilliantly!

Good old Razorbacks, love 'em or hate 'em, I am one of the former

Wolf Drop pod, whole lot of snarling fury dropped right on your head!

'Brother Njondor' 2 x twin-linked Autocannons. Hope your wearing ear defenders!

Terms done, one complete squad and 3 spread amongst the other troops



Wolf Scout Squad

Just when you thought your day couldn't get any worse. You meet a Werewolf WEARING power armour!

First of the complete squads finished

Second complete wolf squad, close combat specials

Runepriest Stormcaller

Space Wolf Devastator Squad complete with Brian Blessed at the helm!

The final Squad!

Canis Wolfsborn, hate to have to poop scoop after that beast!

Personalised Bulldog Banner for the Dread

Wolf Riders!

Scibor Montrous 'Sci Fi Celtic Warriors'

Another offering from Scibor, bottom picture shows all 3 to date. Carry on at this rate I may have my own Wolf army in 99 years!

Space wolf speeder attachment, death in the blink of an eye!

Few extras for the Wolves, a couple of squads, some weapons for the existing dreads and a second drop pod

The second of two Dreads, this is the Forgeworld version

A Spacewolf Rhino with its optional Whirlewind attatchment

2 more Longfang Squads


High King Logan Grimnar


A few more Scibor goodies

The completed Wolf pack

All ready to cause havoc alongside the Crimsons!

Huge Wolf pack!

Pet Dragon! He likes fish and a good tickle behind the ears :)

Scouts and Heavies


Few little extras added, Medic type figure, Rapier and a couple of spare weapons for the dread

Few new additions to the Wolves!

Few more wolves! Scout bikes, speeder, Thudd gun and Terminator hero

Four more Rhino vehicle variants and Terminator Chaplain added!

Two new Dreads!

Latest additions to the wolve army!

Tanks and pods are re-paints of old models



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